So this could begin with something like: "W***T***F***!!!! Jim!!!! The referee is running through the pitch... But if my eyes dont play tricks on me the ball has crossed the line of touchdown just at the end of the last turn of the second part!!!!!!!!!"
"Just what you say Bob!!! and Whoooaaaat's he going to whistle????? The ball has crossed the line and the player was holding the ball on his hands but his hands are out of his bodyyy!!!!"
"whooo whoooo!!! are you sure this hands aren't from the defensor???? "
...And things could be something like these in Blood Bowl, in fact use to be like these, if the match ends the sixteen turns (I meant the two teams have at least one player each on the pitch) the statistics probably will be bloody. Something more like a battle if you note.
And nothing far from this, because BB was invented to put an ending to never ending wars between all the fantastic races in the fantastic world of warhammer.
It was 1991, our band was made of three pairs of brothers, six mates between ten and fourteen years old that were too rough and tough of playing Lord of the Rings from I.C.E. rolegame. And that summer, one of us came with a new game... Some kind of extreme sport in a medieval warfare, it was played on an Astro-Granito pitch (represented by a polystyrene board), really amazing and there was the possibility to join star players and races from a fantastic World... It was a very special moment in my life when we begin to play this new game. It was the 2nd edition of BB, in a pair of months we had the Dungeon Bowl, Star Players and Companion Expansions...
And here you can see some pics of minis that have survive all these years.

Skavens, humans from the original 2nd edition (DiseƱos Orbitales)
Dark elves with the second color scheme, and metal wood elves. 2nd ed.
Orks, humans and dwarves from 2nd edition BB.
My favourite team all these years remains the Dark elves team from 2nd edition, but due to posterior rule modifications, I have implemented it with witches and assassins from late production.