This one is the first squad of  painted guardians of a full Eldar army. It´s a big variety of miniatures from several editions, but anyway I´m the commission painter not the owner.
Now waiting for the next squad :)


A long night with Flames of War

Yesterday night I played the biggest Flames of War battle I´ve ever played. We were 2 Allies VS 2 Axis with 2 companies each one (2500 and 1000 points) on a 1,80x3,30 m battlefield (71x130 in).
We played in the local of "War and Rol" association in Alicante, and we had a great time with moments of glory and moments to forget. At the end we agree on a draw because it was too late, but I think my British and the Americans of my partner did a good job.
We have learnt a couple of things in order to play these kind of battle, and I have learnt one thing over all, you never have enough artillery!!!!
I  have posted some photographs, unfortunately the camara of my phone and I aren't made to take photographs.