Bolt Action has had a very good effect over me, it is my new favourite game, with the permission of Blood Bowl and Saga.
Well, when I came back to the miniature world last year after a decade without painting or playing, it was because Saga hooked me, and I began to watch and learn all what I could about wargaming nowadays. Once I descarted Games Workshop because their business policy and the amount I had to spend to actualize my armies, I focused in Blood Bowl and Saga, even I was interested in some 15mm games that I don't like them at the end.
Just it was when some guys in the club begun to play one WW2 28mm game and, yes! it look amazing and very easy to collect and play.
I've begun collecting Waffen SS, even initially they weren't my favourites, but for the sake of diversity in the club there was the necessity of players who support the axis. Now I've learnt to appreciate this army, though I'm beginning a USA army....

I have used a Platanenmuster cammo pattern in the winter colour scheme. I've mostly used the Heresy Brush PAINTING WAR (http://www.breakingwar.com/store/index.php?id_category=4&controller=category&id_lang=4) as guide.

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  1. Well done I like them. Are these Warlord Games mini's?