I had the pleasure to paint these magnificent miniatures in recent days. It was a commissioned work for a friend of mine and I think he was quite pleased with the result.
The figs are from MEIKO MINIATURES.





Well, SAGA is the game that has hooked me again to wargames so here is my main Project nowadays.
An Irish Warband (4 to 6 points) that I've finished, with 24 miniatures of irish upper clash warriors from OGM and a hounds pack was the beginning

With two options warlord.
The next will be a Viking band, a Norse Gaels band and an Anglosaxon band. The idea is to have the possibility to make a 4 points band of each one simultanity, with the option of grown to 6 points two of them at the same time.
I think it would be possible with the GBP boxes.

Well, the first step are the cavalry minis from Old Glory and Gripping Beast that will give me the oportunity of using scots and welsh also.

And that's what fills my table, during several weeks for sure, but what would be a summer without vikings fighting for the shores?



Last saturday three of the four of us, got involved in a triangular Pre-AKRABOWL to probe the rules for Dungeon.
Daniel Has designed a season of "four tournaments and a final" for the next months, and the first of them will be the Underground Cup, it's supposed to be played during this summer, and the rules were probed with the Williams Gobos, Chaos Daniels, and a last hour Bunny Amazon Girly team.
First the gobbos beat the K.Os team in a three turns Blitzmatch. The Minotaur is still bouncing between teleport pads 24 hours later and that's what bring the gobz to Touchdown without a dice roll... except for the go for it rolls to blitz the victory.

For the second match of the day, Daniel prefered to watch us playing to take notes and decide about the introduction of some modification in the Jervis Johnson Rules.
And this time although the gobbos have the possesion of the ball during few turns in the eleven turn, after the trolls stupidity in the previous turns my amazons got the ball and took it to the Touchdown zone despite the last goblin actions: go for it and blitz move...

Well, I must say that although William or me probably would have some suggestions to make Daniel to complete the rules, all we know that JJ never talked about democracy in the Old World... It's in the hands of Daniel to prepare a bloody'n'fun session for us...

Goblin team and Amazon team are courtesy of William painter.




To continue the last entry, I have made some advances on my Irish warband, I have ended another Hearthguard unit and a Warriors unit, well this is how I have organized them although the minis are from the same old glory pack, there are only 11 irish to finish it.
I'm begining with the horses, where there are GB Irish mounted fianna and OG Pictish light cavalry with wich I'm going to complete the Band, there are also hounds but they must be somewhere on the road arriving home...




Summer time, time for look after the seashore, to protect the beasts, the farmers harvest, Lughnasadh in a few weeks,...
"The wind is fierce tonight
it tosses the sea's white mane
I do not fear the coursing of a quiet sea
by the fierce warriors of Lothlend."
Anonymous poem.
Lochlainach, the fear of the north, the christian priests whipping, ....The Fianna must be ready for summer days...

Ready to defend our land from the fury of the norse men.

This is the begining of my irish warband for Saga, I'm using Old Glory miniatures, and probably I'll complement it with Gripping Beast mounted Fianna and with GB dark age plastic warriors.
Old Glory are 25mm scale but it is an insignificant difference and are the irish upper class warriors for the Arthur age but can not consider this like the early viking age...?
Anyway I think they are going to ambushing the other bands very well.