The Lord Of The Rings. Then & Now.

It was in my twelve birthday anniversary when my parents bougth to me the Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Game of I.C.E. In that days I had not read the novels neither The Hobbit, I had played Hero Quest in its spanish edition and then I had seen boys of my school playing that new book based game...

In these days I used to buy Mithril Miniatures, they were my favourites, I can't remember what was the first mini I painted, but a couple of these figures, painted with Tamiya non acrylic paints, were found in my mother's house, still there are bags with soldiers that my nephews use to play where probably there are some of these "vintage" miniatures, and I don't want to go deeper or perhaps I will find some creature to riddle with...
Old Mithril Miniatures
Now I have to jump the warhammer years to continue with Mithril Miniatures, ten years more or less and all the techniques that I learnt with my Undead and Space Wolves armys bring me to this:

I know, you have seen this before...

This is the last Mithril mini I had painted in 2003

He lost his shield in the battle...

Then I begun to paint Games Workshop miniatures from the Lord of the Rings collection.

Ten years, a wedding and a birth after this is how Lord of The Rings fill my table...

New Gandalf!!!


And this is Elrond in the Battle of the Last Alliance

And that's all for now, I'll continue painting and showing my work here and if you are interested on buy something you have seen, you can contact with me in this blog or look for my auctions on ebay.

See you!


From The Mark to real world

When I had my first contact with Saga immediately thought of my riders of Rohan for this game, this people of Middle Earth always seemed to me that was like the Vikings in its broadest sense. Then I rescue my miniatures from the bottom of the boxroom and started to paint them to use as anglosaxon warband, because that is the band that I think are more like. To begin painting, get some information to guide me on what colors to use, and read the excellent article by the Council of Elrond:
http://www.councilofelrond.com/litarticle/the-rohirrim-and-the-anglo-saxons-an-overview/ and I decided that I hadn't to move away from the idea that was created by Tolkien and captured on film by Jackson.
These miniatures correspond to the collection for The Lord of the Rings that are based in costumes designed by Peter Jackson crew which are based on Tolkien's novels and produced by Games Workshop. Hope you like them...
Ah! I forgot, if anyone wants them for his/her collection can get them on ebay:



A conspiracy unmasked...

...'I can't keep it dark any longer. I have got something to tell you all. But I don't know quite how to begin.'
'I think I could help you,' said Merry quietly, 'by telling you some of it myself.'
'What do you mean?' said Frodo, looking at him anxiously.
'Just this, my dear old Frodo (...) you are not going to scape so easily!'
'But I must go!' said Frodo. 'It cannot be helped, dear friends' (...)
'You do not understand!' said Pippin. 'You must go - and therefore we must, too. Merry and I are coming with you. Sam is an exellent fellow, and would jump down a dragon's throat to save you (...)
'We are horribly afraid - but we are coming with you; or following you like hounds.'

And that's the way friends do things. Four friends doing it for friends. And this is how things get stopped ten years ago, when I ended painting my last scale miniatures til now.

I had been painting miniatures since I was a little lamb, I was ten and I used to see guys older than me playing some kind of game with a book called "The Lord of The Rings"... I begun to play this game and it hooked me, one thing led to another and I heard about Blood Bowl, Warhammer... and always enjoyed painting miniatures more than playing. I guess that's why I never rid of my miniatures neither my soldiers nor subbuteo players...

A couple of months ago I get back my hobby after years of retirement thanks to a friend that laid a Saga Rulebook on the table while we were talking and our children run around us. And this is what lit the old fire inside me.

I'm going to post works that I've done, that I'm doing and all that is going to be made, and I hope that all of you visitors of this (another) blog about painted miniatures by an (old school) amateur enjoy watching pics such as I painting what they show.

These four hobbits friends were painted in 2003...
...such as the rest of the Fellowship but.. where is Aragorn?