Well, SAGA is the game that has hooked me again to wargames so here is my main Project nowadays.
An Irish Warband (4 to 6 points) that I've finished, with 24 miniatures of irish upper clash warriors from OGM and a hounds pack was the beginning

With two options warlord.
The next will be a Viking band, a Norse Gaels band and an Anglosaxon band. The idea is to have the possibility to make a 4 points band of each one simultanity, with the option of grown to 6 points two of them at the same time.
I think it would be possible with the GBP boxes.

Well, the first step are the cavalry minis from Old Glory and Gripping Beast that will give me the oportunity of using scots and welsh also.

And that's what fills my table, during several weeks for sure, but what would be a summer without vikings fighting for the shores?