Hereward the Wake (also known as Hereward the Outlaw or Hereward the Exile, c. 1035 – c.1072) was an 11th-century leader of local resistance to the Norman conquest of England. Hereward's base, when leading the rebellion against the Norman rulers, was in the Isle of Ely, and according to legend he roamed The Fens, covering North Cambridgeshire, Southern Lincolnshire and West Norfolk, leading popular opposition to William the Conqueror. (Wiki)

This is a step by step painting job of the fantastic Gripping Beast representation of Hereward the Wake, though in this first pic looks something more like "the Walking"...

Well, for the sake of the truth, I have to say that this is the result of my attempt to make one step by step, always begin with early pics but when I'm concentrated in the painting I completely forgot to make the Photos... And this is the next pic I took:

A work in progress picture, but there are many steps finished.

At least, I can share a picture of the repainting of left eye (pop-eye) whose result not satisfied me after watching it with the zoom of the pic.

And here the ultimate painting:

That's all for now, and always remember, in the summertime: Stay Viking!

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