One year, more or less, since I've been painting 28mm miniatures for Saga skirmish game in the Viking Age, it's time to recapitulate some of the progress and I've decided to show in one post all the Warlords and Heroes from Gripping or other manufacturers that fit very well to this period.

I've to begin with Harald Hardrada, he was my first Hero of the Viking Age, and served very well commanding an Anglo-Dane warband during my early games.

Harald was sold in ebay like most of his anglodanes to fund the rise of my new Irish raiders, hope his Dice Thrower keeps his ax sharpened...

Next on the list are a couple of Irish Warlords, not Boru, but close to his family...

The first of these was directly to ebay to continue this Saga Project, the second (my particular Boru from Old Glory) is still camping in Clontdarf... to eternity.

And then the Gripping plastics arrived home...

These three are somewhere in the world and fulfilled their mission to continue funding my collection SAGA...

This other still remains in my showcase.

Time to show the Norse-Gael warlords from Gripping, one of them has become in my favourite warlord...

The other has one of the poses more peculiar for a warlord in all the collection.

As hero to complete my norse-gael warband I painted Brodir of Man for "The flight of Clontdarf", it will explained in other post.

The old and fat Ragnar Lothbrok from Gripping Beast and a Viking warlord from 'unknown manufacturer' (for me) complete my Britain's Dark Age collection nowadays.

The last miniatures I've painted for Saga are waiting impatiently for the new book "Crescent & Cross"

No more finished miniatures for Saga, but a lot of work in progress that will be ready to raid your shores next summer...



One of my first prfojects this year, so pleased with the results and with the opportunity to paint these little and slippery miniatures from RollJordan Miniatures.
The color scheme was based in amazonian frog colors following the instructions of the owner of the team, and it was a total success!!