SAGA a skirmishes game in the Age of Vikings

All began in the 793 A.D. "Fierce, foreboding omens came over the land of Nothumbria. There were excessive whirlwinds, lightening storms and fiery dragons were seen flying in the sky..." The Anglo- Saxon Chronicle bring us the perfect beginning to a historic miniature game based on the state of endemic warfare developed in England til the 1066 A.D. This year is marked as the end of the Viking era in the Battle of Stamford Bridge where Harald Hardrada was defeated and killed. An exciting game that has hooked me to the miniature world again. All you need is a band of war mates (vikings, anglo-saxons, normans, welsh,...), 30-40 miniatures (28mm is the common scale) organized in units with a very simplified army listing, a surface to play on (the kitchen table!!) and dice, obviously the rule book and something to measure distances. The game system is a turn based actions that you use to activate your units acording to the results in your dice. Really easy if we take account of other wargames!
Not to extending too much, you can make an idea in this links:

My first game was with Rohirrim of GW simulating Anglo-Saxons:

Nowadays I'm playing with my Anglo-Danish warband, organized with Harald Hardrada miniature of GB manufacturers as warlord and four units, two of Hearthguards and two of Warriors with anglo-saxons, normans and vikings of crusader miniatures representing anglo-danes.

A Clash of warlords against Scots...

Ready to sell the Anglo Danish to collect an Irish warband...

Here they are:
Harald Hardrada:

4 Hearthguard:

4 Hearthguard:

4 Warriors:

8 Warriors:


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