Summer time, time for look after the seashore, to protect the beasts, the farmers harvest, Lughnasadh in a few weeks,...
"The wind is fierce tonight
it tosses the sea's white mane
I do not fear the coursing of a quiet sea
by the fierce warriors of Lothlend."
Anonymous poem.
Lochlainach, the fear of the north, the christian priests whipping, ....The Fianna must be ready for summer days...

Ready to defend our land from the fury of the norse men.

This is the begining of my irish warband for Saga, I'm using Old Glory miniatures, and probably I'll complement it with Gripping Beast mounted Fianna and with GB dark age plastic warriors.
Old Glory are 25mm scale but it is an insignificant difference and are the irish upper class warriors for the Arthur age but can not consider this like the early viking age...?
Anyway I think they are going to ambushing the other bands very well.