From The Mark to real world

When I had my first contact with Saga immediately thought of my riders of Rohan for this game, this people of Middle Earth always seemed to me that was like the Vikings in its broadest sense. Then I rescue my miniatures from the bottom of the boxroom and started to paint them to use as anglosaxon warband, because that is the band that I think are more like. To begin painting, get some information to guide me on what colors to use, and read the excellent article by the Council of Elrond:
http://www.councilofelrond.com/litarticle/the-rohirrim-and-the-anglo-saxons-an-overview/ and I decided that I hadn't to move away from the idea that was created by Tolkien and captured on film by Jackson.
These miniatures correspond to the collection for The Lord of the Rings that are based in costumes designed by Peter Jackson crew which are based on Tolkien's novels and produced by Games Workshop. Hope you like them...
Ah! I forgot, if anyone wants them for his/her collection can get them on ebay:


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